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About Jevetta Steele

Jevetta Steele migrated to the Twin Cities to become a criminal lawyer, but fate had a greater plan for this tour de force. In the 80’s her lead role in the international/national touring show, “The Gospel At Colonus”, took her around the world and finally to Broadway. Jevetta has enjoyed performing on many stages from London to Brazil, Carnegie Hall to the Apollo Theater performing Jazz, Gospel, R&B, the Classics and Opera. (Full Bio)


About Monique Linder

Linder had a vision in 2014 to create a unique media brand that focused on cultural programming. OMG strives to empower communities through its OMGisms, social constructs rooted in the Arts that nurture and improve the health and wellness of youth and families. OMG Companies’ work is centered around building cultural sustainability in which music and art is essential to human survival and development. Linder holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology and a Masters, Business Administration from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management. (LinkedIn)

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