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Enlightenment New Year 2023 TALK

The Enlightenment TALK explores . . .

How you absorb the journey of being alive.

What Enlightenment means to you.   

We are asked to believe that life in all its complexity and wonder is complete as is – everchanging and vital, but never perfectible.  

From The Book of Awakening, Mark Nepo


Lissa L. Jones (Host)

CEO, Lissa Jones LLC

Culture Coach. Public Speaker. Broadcaster. Podcaster.

Lissa Jones, dubbed a ‘public intellectual’ by Chair Emeritus of American History at Macalester College, Mahmoud El-Kati, reluctantly takes on the moniker, but readily embraces the opportunity to bring thoughtful examination of African American life and culture into the public discourse on radio, through podcasting, and for a time, through a newspaper column. Her work keeps her grounded in the community she teaches about and the culture from which she emerged. A lover of reading, learning, teaching, and use of voice, Lissa is a highly sought-after speaker, interviewer, facilitator, moderator, and mistress of ceremonies.

Lissa serves as board member and co-chair of the nominations committee of the University of Minnesota Friends of the Libraries, and she also serves on the board for Rain Taxi, sponsor of the Twin Cities Book Festival. Lissa’s pronouns are She/Her.

Photo credit: / Paul Auguston

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Kevin Lindsey (Enlightenment Talk Moderator)

CEO, MN Humanities Center

A widely respected advocate and lawyer with a wealth of experience in public policy and education, Kevin Lindsey, J.D., was hired as the CEO of the Minnesota Humanities Center (MHC) in June 2019. Prior to joining MHC, Lindsey served in the Cabinet of the Minnesota Governor as the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Human Rights. Lindsey’s career has been focused on leverage the power of personal stories, finding solutions to complex problems, and building a stronger democracy. Kevin Lindsey was elected to the Federation Board in 2021.

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Panel Speakers

Sharon Nelson

Sharon L. Nelson

Music Producer

My name is Sharon L. Nelson.  I am Prince’s sister.  Prince and I have the same father, John Nelson.  My brother came to New York to live me when before he was the Prince rockstar that you know and love. He was a music prodigy and came to New York to live with me when he was 17 because he wanted me to take him around New York and introduce him to music executives.  He was a normal teenager-he loved music first and foremost, and then the ladies.  It was my role as big sister to guide him through these early years of nurturing his talent and ambition.  Fast forward to today – I am proud to say after a long-fought battle since his unfortunate passing, the Prince heirs have gained control of his Estate.  We have a partner, Primary Wave, who joined us because three of the heirs sold out their shares.  I want the Prince Army to know and feel my gratitude for all the positive messaging you distribute about my brother’s music and philanthropic legacy. 


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Angelique Flying High

Meditation / Yin Yoga 

After years of practicing yang yoga I recognized the importance of linking breath with movement as a way of understanding the body-mind connection. This led me to yin yoga. When practicing the static stretches of Yin Yoga we open the body on a deeper level quieting the mind even more as we prepare the body to sit in stillness. 

I invite you to come and enjoy the many benefits of this quiet meditative practice. Join me in Yin Yoga classes or a Mindfulness Meditation session so that I can enrich your journey into inner peace.

Namaste, Angelique

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Monique Linder

Founder/CEO, OMG Media Solutions

Entertainment Producer / Digital Creator

Linder had a vision in 2014 to create a unique media brand that focused on cultural programming. OMG strives to empower communities through its OMGisms, social constructs rooted in the Arts that nurture and improve the health and wellness of youth and families. OMG Companies’ work is centered around building cultural sustainability in which music and art is essential to human survival and development. Linder holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology and a Masters, Business Administration from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management.

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Prince on Enlightenment